Cognia Accredited | 2022 National Blue Ribbon School | College Prep


For the second year in a row we will have students participate in our unique differentiated retreats that allow us to meet students where they are and walk them one step closer to Jesus. Read THIS blogpost for more information. 


Beauty is for students interested in all forms of art (visual, literary, musical). Students will be able to express themselves through art, be immersed in artistic beauty, and hear other artists’ share about their work and lives.


Encounter is for students who are open to faith and are looking for a shared experience in Christian faith.  It provides an opportunity to participate in experiential activities, hear witness accounts of encounters they’ve had with God, and partake in praise and worship with prayer time.


Equip is geared toward students that are very active in their Christian faith and discipleship with the Lord. Students will go to the Cloisters on the Platte for a morning with adoration, conferences, confession, Mass, and silent prayer, and then an activity discussing sharing their faith with others.


Justice is for students who enjoy serving Christ in others. It consists of a mini-service trip/cultural immersion in North Omaha, relational prayer time, and hearing people share their stories about manifesting God’s Justice on earth.


One Life is for Christian students that are not Catholic to grow in their own faith and discipleship from a non-denominational Christian perspective. Students will hear faith talks and participate in activities discussions about life and faith.


Power is for students who are interested in their faith and seeking to grow in relationship with God! Students will learn about the power of the Holy Spirit, have small group time, praise and worship music, Mass, confession, and fun time with other classmates. As much as possible those in discipleship groups will be placed with their leaders.

Virtue is geared towards students who are more active and interested in sports and being active.  It focuses on team building activities and formation in human virtues.

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