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Skutt Catholic Special Gifts: Celebratory Donations, Memorials, and Mass Requests

A Skutt Catholic Celebratory Donation can honor your parents or grandparents’ anniversary, note a well-deserved promotion, or perhaps give thanks for the birth of a new life. Your financial gift to the school helps further the Skutt Catholic mission. Your honoree(s) receives a lovely note explaining the intent of your donation and a special notation is recorded in the Skutt Catholic Annual Report. Click HERE to make a Celebratory Donation.

Skutt Catholic Memorials are handled the same way. When you present a donation to Skutt Catholic in memory of a friend or loved one, the donation is directed to furthering the mission of Skutt Catholic. The family of the deceased receives a note from the school and the memorial is noted in the Skutt Catholic Annual Report. As a special remembrance, the deceased’s name is entered into the Skutt Catholic Book of Remembrance that rests in Archbishop Daniel E. Sheehan Chapel on campus. Click HERE to request a Memorial.

If you have any questions regarding special gifts please contact Angie Lohaus at


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