Rooted in our Catholic Faith, Skutt Catholic developed a Strategic Plan with aspirations, goals, and objectives aligned with our mission and vision and guided by our Catholic identity.

V.J. and Angela Skutt Catholic High School went through a formal strategic planning process, engaging a broad spectrum of stakeholders in establishing aspirations, goals, and objectives.

The process yielded a plan that identifies the school’s highest priorities and guide its key actions for the next five years. The Strategic Plan will propel continuous improvement and mission advancement while ensuring accountability for progress and a consistent focus on pursuing the right ideals. It will serve as an active, living document that provides a barometer for accomplishment and a persistent reminder of key priorities.


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In April, aspirations were reviewed and tweaked during a meeting of the Strategic Planning Core team. Following the drafting of Aspirations, workgroups were organized to identify and develop relevant goals and objectives that ultimately need to be accomplished to successfully achieve the Strategic Plan. Hover each of the workgroups for a summary, click to view goals & objectives.

Knowing that success needs to be carried out individually to reach school-wide success, Skutt Catholic aspires to empower its teachers, coaches, and staff to inspire and provide an exceptional educational experience from curriculum and instruction to activities and athletics, setting our students on the best possible course for their future.

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We aspire to develop an exceptional school counseling office that will provide unparalleled social, emotional, and academic support and services to prepare every Skutt Catholic student to achieve excellence as a student and put them on a trajectory for post-secondary success.

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With our mission as our guide, Skutt Catholic aspires to provide an environment that promotes leadership and accountability for students to Make a Difference in themselves while inspiring others to do the same.

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Knowing that our SkyHawk family extends beyond our walls, we aspire to always embrace our current Skutt Catholic community while spreading the good news of the Skyhawk family to the larger Omaha community.

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We aspire to be an attainable option for every family and their child(ren) who desires a Skutt Catholic education.  This will include a clear vision and plan for the sustainability of our school and its facilities.

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V.J. and Angela Skutt Catholic High School forms and educates young men and women to become Christian leaders who empower others, promote justice, and initiate change.


V.J. and Angela Skutt Catholic High School will be the premier college preparatory school in the region that transforms students in mind, body, and spirit through a strong Catholic identity, innovative learning environments, and wide-ranging extra-curricular activities.


Broad input was requested from employees, students, parents, alumni, and alumni parents through a series of surveys distributed during the third quarter of the 2022- 2023 school year.

A Strategic Planning Core Team was assembled as a group representing all constituencies and charged with developing a draft Strategic Plan which was reviewed and approved by Skutt Catholic’s Board of Trustees. The members of the Strategic Planning Core Team are as follows:

Jeremy Moore – President
Rob Meyers – Principal
Mike Bailey – Assistant Principal
Taryn Clatanoff – Vice President of Finance
Angie Lohaus – Vice President of Advancement
Tim Bloomingdale – Deacon – Director of Admissions
Kate Jiron, Dan Ossowski – Faculty
Matt Nelson, Jessica Charlsen – Alumni
Mike Agostino – Board Chair, Strategic Planning Committee Chair
Molly Brinker – Board Vice Chair, Advancement Committee
Lynette Smith, Tony LaMar – Current Parent
Joe Graham – Alumni Parent

Chris Vos
Joe Graham
Tony LaMar
Oliver Bantam
Donn Kasner
Dave Schweitzer
Colleen Halpin
Kathy Guinane
Kristen Reeves
Molly Brinker
Jenny Burt
Jessica Charlsen
Jenny Svoboda
Patrick Slattery
Chris Storm
Dan Ossowski
Molly Conway
Kyle Jurgens
Mandi Marcuccio
Matt Turman
Erin Healey
Tim Bloomingdale
Lynette Smith
Matt Nelson
Kate Jiron
Elizabeth Rudden
Geri Schmidt
Bill Schmidt
Jane Fenner

Barb Vollmer, a strategic planning professional at Boystown was selected to facilitate the strategic planning process and provide leadership and guidance in the development of Skutt Catholic’s Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Planning Committee provided a final draft of the Strategic Plan to the Board of Trustees at its May 2023 meeting.

In March, the Strategic Planning Core Team participated in a SOAR brainstorming process to identify strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results that will position Skutt Catholic High School as a preeminent Catholic high school in the region.  This led to a series of Aspiration statements developed following the meeting that represent the ultimate ideals Skutt Catholic seeks to achieve over the next five years.

In April, aspirations were reviewed and tweaked during a meeting of the Strategic Planning Core team. Following the drafting of aspirations, workgroups were organized to identify and develop relevant goals and objectives that ultimately need to be accomplished to successfully achieve the Strategic Plan. The workgroups are organized as follows:


Workgroups dedicated April to the process of developing objectives that will serve as milestones for accomplishing the Goals. The following timeline provided a roadmap for implementing the Skutt Catholic Strategic Plan.

Jan. 30 – Strategic Planning Committee meeting
February 13 – Sent out survey
March 29 – Brainstorming/vision session with the core team
April 3 – Strategic Plan board committee met
April 11 – Strategic Plan core team meeting covering Aspirations and Goals
April 12-24 – Group met to set goals and objectives
May 8 –  Rough draft of the document
May 11 – Formal presentation of executive meeting
May 17 – Strategic plan committee
May 25 – Approval of the board

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