School Life

With our mission as our guide, Skutt Catholic aspires to provide an environment that promotes leadership and accountability for students to Make a Difference in themselves while inspiring others to do the same

Goal 1:

Develop a Clear, Consistent, and Enforceable Discipline Policy

We will create a clear and consistent discipline policy that can be easily understood and upheld by both teachers and students. The policy should be based on the values of the V.J. & Angela Skutt Catholic High School community and be designed to promote positive behavior while discouraging negative behavior. The policy should also include clear consequences for violations and provide support for students who may be struggling with behavioral issues.

Goal 1 Objectives:

  • Review current Student and Teacher Handbooks and identify areas that need to be revised or omissions that need to be added
    • Gather Student Handbook policy ideas and collaborate with other regional HS (Completed Aug 2023)
    • Revamp the existing demerit-based discipline system, including the detention program (Ongoing)
    • Implement a new in-school suspension program (BIRD) (Fall 2023)
  • Revamp the existing demerit-based discipline system including the detention program
  • Develop and implement a rewards-based positive behavior program for students who consistently exhibit the desired behavior
  • Create dedicated opportunities for students and staff to review behavior expectations outlined in the updated Student Handbook and require acknowledgment that they are aware of expectations

Goal 2:

Provide Professional Development for Teachers in the area of school life

We will provide professional development opportunities for teachers to ensure they have the necessary skills and tools to effectively enforce the discipline policy. Teachers should receive training on effective classroom management techniques and positive reinforcement strategies. This training will help teachers feel more confident and prepared to handle disciplinary issues in the classroom.

Goal 2 Objectives:

  • Take advantage of existing professional development programs, e.g. Lunch & Learn and Late Starts to present classroom management best practices for staff
  • Develop a structured mentoring program in which veteran teachers can meet regularly with new teachers and provide guidance and institutional knowledge to support less experienced teachers
    • Implement as a “Faculty Curriculum” for the 2024-25 school year (Spring 2024)
  • Invite experienced trainers or speakers to lead the professional development sessions focused on classroom management strategies
  • Develop a curriculum for the professional development program that covers the necessary topics related to classroom management

Goal 3:

Foster a Positive School Culture

We will foster a positive school culture where teachers and students feel valued, respected, and supported. This can be achieved through a variety of means, including school events, positive recognition programs, and opportunities for students to take on leadership roles. By cultivating a  school culture based on respect, students are more likely to follow the discipline policy and be accountable for their actions, leading to a more cohesive and respectful learning environment.

Goal 3 Objectives:

  • Provide opportunities for students to take on leadership roles within the school, so they will feel more invested in their school and will be more likely to take responsibility for maintaining a positive culture
  • Develop and implement a school-wide recognition program that celebrates the achievements of both students and teachers at regular intervals
    • Reintroduce the SkyHawks gone MAD award (Fall 2023)
    • Initiate Saturday Shoutouts (Fall 2023)
    • Highlight alternative achievements on social media and blogs (Spring 2024)
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