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“Skutt Catholic fosters a welcoming environment where people genuinely enjoy being around each other and support one another. The sense of community and friendship at Skutt Catholic is truly unparalleled, and we are grateful to continue to be a part of it. We were fortunate to have experienced the Skutt Catholic community, and we want others to have the same opportunity.

By contributing to the SkyHawk Fund, we are ensuring that more students can encounter Jesus and benefit from the unique and enriching environment that Skutt Catholic offers.” 

  • Bolding Family
    Jared ‘04, Michaela ‘04, Jackson, Cooper and Sophia Bolding





“Skutt Catholic means so much to our family, on so many levels. Faith-based educational experiences have been provided for our children in a safe, trusted community of educators, administrators, and families. These experiences in the classroom, on the playing field or court, in clubs and in the community are shaping our children and preparing them for the future. It is important that we give back to Skutt Catholic to provide enhanced opportunities for future generations.”

Brummund Family
Brad, Jennifer, Gavin ‘22, Samuel ‘24 and Marin ‘26



“With one graduate and two students currently enrolled we are strong believers that Skutt Catholic not only prepares our kids to succeed academically but also provides them with the skills to succeed spiritually, socially and to be good Christian leaders.

By making a gift to the SkyHawk Fund you know the money will be spent wisely to keep the tuition reasonable, maintain the facilities, provide topflight staff, and support the variety of activities offered.  Most importantly, supporting the SkyHawk Fund will help provide a Skutt Catholic education for so many that may feel it is beyond their reach.”

Eich Family
Robert, Melanie, Nathan ‘22, Evan ‘24 and Madilyn ‘26





“Attending Skutt Catholic has impacted my life in so many ways. I feel incredibly lucky to have attended a school where faith is interwoven into its very foundation.  At Skutt Catholic you are held to a high standard and surrounded by faculty and staff who are supportive but also push you to excel as a well-rounded person in all aspects of your life.  You don’t just learn how to be a good Christian, but you put your faith into action by being the hands and feet of Jesus in your community.  

When you combine academics and faith, you are helping to form a generation of people who will bear much fruit within their families and communities. The strong focus on building character at Skutt Catholic will no doubt have a ripple effect that touches so many areas in our surrounding community.”

Hoch Family
Michael, Meghan ‘04, Silas, Baron and Greyson




“It’s been almost 20 years since I graduated from Skutt Catholic. I continue to support the SkyHawk community so future generations can be afforded the same  principles of faith, education, and athletics that have been so important in my life. My wife and  kids, the lasting friendships, and career choices are all connected to the Skutt Catholic family.

We feel it’s important to support the SkyHawk Fund because it allows the school to  operate at the level of a Blue Ribbon recipient.” 

Odorisio Family
Marcus ‘04, Jessica ‘05, Lorenzo and Giuliano




Make a Difference in the life of every Skutt Catholic student. From supporting financial aid to ensuring we offer the best in college preparatory classes and activities, your gift to the SkyHawk Fund helps us meet our annual operating expenses while keeping our tuition as low as possible. It allows us to bridge the nearly $2,000 difference between tuition charged and our actual cost to educate a student while allowing us to improve our programming and offerings.  We have no intention to rest on the successes achieved thus far. With your support, Skutt Catholic will continue to maintain both strong enrollment and program offerings in spite of the regional and national trends towards the contrary.

Your participation in the SkyHawk Fund, at any level, is deeply valued and appreciated. Each gift contributes to our financial stability. Your gift of $10, $25, $250, $2,500, or more, helps to further our mission of educating young men and women to become Christian leaders who empower others, promote justice, and initiate change.

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SkyHawk Giving Levels
  • Patron of Skutt Catholic:  $1- $999
  • Soar Club:  $1,000 to $1,499
  • Principal Club:  $1,500 – $2,499
  • President Club:  $2,500 – $4,999
  • SkyHawk Club: $5,000 – $9,999
  • V.J. Skutt Club:  $10,000 – $24,999
  • Angela Skutt Club:  $25,000 and up
Ways to Give

A donation pledge to the SkyHawk Fund is an agreement to fulfill a financial commitment over a period-of-time. To maximize the funding potential which may exist within our community, we are asking all our families to consider a one-year commitment in support of the SkyHawk Fund. Pledges are obligations made in good faith, but are not legally binding. Pledge payments are tax deductible, as provided by law.

Checks or cash are the most common form of payment, but Skutt Catholic also graciously accepts gifts in various forms including those listed here:

Appreciated Securities

Appreciated Stock Gifts

Please use this form to process your stock gift.

Corporate Matching Gifts
A matching gifts program through your employer or board membership may allow you to increase the value of your gift. Many companies match charitable gifts of employees, retirees or board members. Check with your employer to see if there is a matching program available to increase your gift to the fund.

Other Methods of Giving:

  • Bonds and Mutual Funds
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Deferred or Planned Gifts
  • Gifts In-Kind
  • Gifts of Life Insurance
  • Gifts of Real Estate
  • Gifts of Retirement Plans
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