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Reality Check

Having a good understanding of the amount of income that it takes to live and maintain a chosen lifestyle can be a difficult concept for teenagers to grasp. When talking with your child about how they hope to live one day and how their career will (or won’t) allow them to live that way, a wonderful tool to use is called Reality Check. The Reality Check tool can be found on the EducationQuest website, at

On the Reality Check quiz, your child can select the type of housing, transportation, utilities, and other spending that will be essential in his/her future and can easily search for careers that will (or won’t) make that lifestyle possible. Check it out today!

Career Exploration Program – Exploring

The Mid-American Council has established a career education program called Exploring. The program allows young men and women, ages 14 to 20, to learn about careers in the local area. In cooperation with local businesses and government entities, the Mid-American Council has organized a comprehensive career education program. The careers vary in areas such as business, marketing, health science, engineering, and many others. The Mid-American Council’s web site is The web site has all the Explorer Posts that are available for our students to participate in.

Nebraska Career Connections

Nebraska Career Connections,, provides education and career planning resources to bring Nebraskans together – students, parents, educators, adults, and employers. Whether you’re planning for life after high school, exploring career options, or creating a portfolio of materials for a job search, this system can provide you with the tools needed. Some services available include: national and local scholarship searches, college databases, career information, resume writing assistance, and job searches.


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