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When students join the Skutt Catholic family, they join a community of fellow SkyHawks who have been shaped by the experiences, traditions and friendships gained during their time here.  From their first Popsicle Day and Freshmen Road Trip, to junior Rendezvous* and the reading of the Legend of the SkyHawk at graduation, being a SkyHawk has a profound impact on our students and families. 

The terms, traditions and events that are unique to the Skutt Catholic community are defined here.


Community Involvement Day (CID) +

Since Skutt Catholic was founded our students have served at approximately 40 sites each year on Community Involvement Day (CID). Students spend the day living the Skutt Catholic mission, making a difference at those service sites.

First Friday Popsicle Day +

The first Friday of the new school year is Popsicle Day.  All students are invited to the front lawn for popsicles. This is a simple, fun way to finish the first week of school.

Freshmen Road Trip +

Freshmen are bused to the first away football game of the season following pizza in the commons.  This is a great opportunity for the freshmen class to bond and kick off their high school career at Skutt Catholic.

GrandHawks Day +

GrandHawks Day is a long-standing Skutt Catholic tradition that has become a favorite of our students and GrandHawks alike. Each year, this special day allows our students to share their school and enjoy time with their GrandHawks, celebrating Mass and enjoying fellowship at the breakfast reception.

Hawktober +

At Skutt Catholic, October = Hawktober, a celebration of all the things that make our school special, and the start of a new school year. Highlights of Hawktober include Community Involvement Day (CID), Rendezvous, the Mr. SkyHawk Pageant, Homecoming, and Angel Flight.

Hawktober was created in 2004, in an effort to enhance the Skutt Catholic experience and increase our identity in the community.  Marie Williamson, the admissions director at the time, led this charge to create a new school tradition for this iconic part of the school year and highlight what makes us unique from other schools. Hawktober is the most wonderful time of the year – a celebration for current and past SkyHawks to celebrate and embrace all the wonderful things that make Skutt Catholic special!

HawkWalk +

In April, HawkWalk unites the SkyHawk community in support of FAM (Financial Assistance Month). This is the one fundraising effort that emphasizes student involvement. Each year, the 700+ SkyHawks, along with faculty, staff and volunteers, flock to nearby Lake Zorinsky for a four-mile trek around the lake, obtaining sponsorships and donations for their goal of supporting their fellow students.

HawkTime +

HawkTime is a SkyHawk-infused version of a traditional homeroom. Held daily for one week of each month, HawkTime is an opportunity for students to connect with the one set of classmates and teacher they will have all four years. These periods are used to go over important information, do some fun activities, and generally just touch base. HawkTime students attend all-school Mass and serve together during Community Involvement Day. Set by both grade level and alphabetical order, a student finishes their time as a SkyHawk with their HawkTime classmates as they process in together at graduation.

Legend of the SkyHawk +

The reading of the Legend of the SkyHawk caps a student’s time at the school and ushers them into the next phase, being a SkyHawk alumni.

The SkyHawk is so named because it soars higher than others of its species. It is a messenger calling others to reach their highest potential and be closer to God. The SkyHawk always exhibits the wisdom of learning, self-discipline and concern for others. It is viewed by peers as a leader and protector. A powerful sense of humility and justice guide the SkyHawk in action. The SkyHawk makes decisions carefully through prudent use of intellect, will, and emotion for the benefit of others. While non-predatory, the SkyHawk is a fierce, but honorable competitor. Opponents of the SkyHawk know that it will never quit and that it can win graciously, yet lose a contest with dignity. The SkyHawk loves the beauty and abundant natural resources of its Nebraska habitat. Its dominant symbolic color, green, represents the hope that all creatures will be good stewards of the abundant gifts that God has given us. The color black, the presence of all color, signifies that the SkyHawk embraces the diversity of all persons and strives toward the goal of global unity and respect for the dignity of human life. Its third symbolic color, silver, represents the shining light of the salvation promise that God has made to us.

Mr. SkyHawk Pageant +

The Mr. SkyHawk Pageant is a spin on the old “beauty pageant” idea.  Four to seven junior and senior boys compete for the “Mr. Skyhawk” crown, in the following categories: formal wear  (which involves their mothers joining them on stage), an interview (with beauty pageant questions), swimwear (very light-hearted, they wear shirts and usually lifejackets or water wings) and a talent competition. Judges include past contestants or alumni, current students, and teachers. The winner, runner-up and Mr. Congeniality recipient receive cash prizes.

Rendezvous +

Rendezvous is a Skutt Catholic tradition in which  jJuniors recreate the migration westward across the United States from 1820 to 1860 as part of their American Studies coursework.  Students create a three-dimensional character who explains their journey westward, sharing the trials and tribulations of restarting life west of the Mississippi River.



Angel Flight +

Each fall, Skutt Catholic’s largest fundraising event, Angel Flight, brings our SkyHawk community together in fellowship and provides essential funding for the operation of the school. SkyHawks can join the effort by attending, donating items for the auction and volunteering.

Benefit the Birdie Golf Tournament +

Held each May, the Benefit the Birdie Golf Tournament unites alumni, current parents and SC supporters for a day of fun on the greens.

Financial Assistance Month (FAM) +

In 2019, Skutt Catholic began the tradition of declaring April as Financial Assistance Month (FAM), focusing our entire community on this need. The month includes Trivia Night, various food nights at area restaurants, and HawkWalk, all to support financial assistance at Skutt Catholic.

HawkWalk +

In April, HawkWalk unites the SkyHawk community in support of FAM (Financial Assistance Month). This is the one fundraising effort that emphasizes student involvement. Each year, the 700+ SkyHawks, along with faculty, staff and volunteers, flock to nearby Lake Zorinsky for a four-mile trek around the lake, obtaining sponsorships and donations for their goal of supporting their fellow students.

SkyHawk Association +

The SkyHawk Association is YOU — alumni, alumni parents, faculty, staff, current families, and anyone who wants to get involved to support Skutt Catholic and our students. All are welcome!

SkyHawk Cup Tournament +

Beginning in 2022, the SkyHawk Cup golf tournament was set to unite alumni, alumni families, current parents, and Skutt Catholic supporters for fellowship and a day of friendly competition.

SkyHawk Fund +

The SkyHawk Fund supports ongoing school improvement and allows Skutt Catholic to: provide financial assistance to nearly 40 percent of students, offer more AP and dual enrollment classes than any other Catholic school in the state, pay our teachers a competitive salary, and offer top-notch extracurricular activities.

Trivia Night +

Trivia Night kicks off Financial Assistance Month (FAM) in April. Teams of 6 – 10 players compete in eight rounds of trivia with 10 questions per round. A catered dinner buffet and drinks are included with registration at this age 21 and over event. Table themes are optional.

Learn more about Skutt Catholic events and supporting your SkyHawks under Advancement.



Avramovich Crucifix +

Dan Avramovich was a student who lost his fight to cancer during Skutt Catholic’s second year as a school. As you drive by the entrance of the school, look for the crucifix memorial to Dan. Dan inspired his classmates to be the best they could be. They played like Dan would have played when they won the first state title for Skutt Catholic’s legion baseball team in 1997, their (and Dan’s) senior year.

Archbishop Sheehan Chapel +

The chapel is named Archbishop Daniel E. Sheehan Chapel after Archbishop Sheehan who was the Archbishop of Omaha when Skutt Catholic was built. In August 2015, chapel renovations were completed, thanks to donations to the President’s Wish List, during the Live Auction at Angel Flight 2014.

Engelkamp Family Field +

Coach Keith Engelkamp was the first baseball and softball coach in Skutt Catholic history. He started teaching and coaching when the school opened in 1993. Coach Engelkamp, through his hard work and dedication, helped make the school’s baseball and softball programs and fields what they are today. In 2020, the school installed turf on the infield and at that time dedicated the field to Coach Engelkamp and his family, naming it Engelkamp Family Field.

Hildebrandt / Nebe Wrestling Facility +

The wrestling facility was built in the summer of 1998, shortly after the SkyHawks won their first state title in school history, kicking off a run of 12 straight state wrestling championships. The facility was named after its first head coach, Brad Hildebrandt, and, assistant coach, RJ Nebe, who started the program at Skutt Catholic and built it into the dynasty it is today.

McMahon Crucifix +

Mike McMahon was a teacher, coach and the Activities director at Skutt Catholic from1998 to 2014. Mike always wanted an appropriate crucifix in the main gym. Mike passed away of cancer shortly after retiring and his family purchased the beautiful crucifix we have in the gym. Mike’s son, Mr. Andy McMahon, now teaches at Skutt Catholic.

Moylan Field +

Tim Moylan dreamed of a football stadium on the Skutt Catholic campus.

In 1996, during a family vacation, Tim Moylan passed away tragically trying to rescue his children in the Pacific Ocean.

Four years later, his dream became a reality. In 2000, the SkyHawks played their first on-campus football game and dedicated Moylan Field, naming the new field after Tim.

His daughter, Mrs. Amy Sauser, now teaches at Skutt Catholic.

Moylan Field Crucifix +

Chloe Liebentritt ‘22 raised the funds and completed the necessary planning to install a crucifix by Moylan Field for her Girl Scouts of Nebraska Gold Award project.

Pohlman Lobby +

The Pohlman lobby is named after Skutt Catholic supporters Ken and Beverley Pohlman. Pohlman’s grandchildren attended Skutt Catholic and through their efforts and significant contribution, the main entrance and lobby was built in 2019.

Stations of the Cross +

The stations of the cross you see around Skutt Catholic’s campus came from the original St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, a Czech National parish, which was founded in 1887, on 14th and Pine Streets in Omaha.

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