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We are promoting several campus and building initiatives over the course of the next few years. These initiatives will ensure that Skutt Catholic presents itself as a vibrant, innovative, and state-of-the art facility for the next generation of students and families choosing to support our mission.


Athletic Entrance +

Initiative: Athletic Entrance

Most of our visitors enter the building through the gym doors. Our intent is to create an entrance that makes a statement about Skutt Catholic,s commitment to excellence as various groups walk into the building. By enlarging the space we can create an area for fans to gather and visit before and after games. We can also use the expanded wall space for signage that promotes the accomplishments of current students and alumni.

Athletic Entrance upgrade:

  • Expand the entrance to offer more office space, enlarge fan gathering spaces, and provide seating options for students waiting for rides home
  • Design an entrance that makes a statement about Skutt Catholic’s commitment to excellence…create a WOW factor when entering the athletic entrance
  • Upgrade security/improve lighting/add double door entrance
  • Update flooring to cover entire athletic wing; including the hallway to the locker rooms and the hallway to the Commons
  • Build a ticket booth
  • Install graphic signage and photographs that tell the Skutt Catholic story
  • Expand athletic restrooms

Athletic Entrance upgrade cost: $1,500,000

Great Hall +

Initiative: The Great Hall…a Multi-use Room for Meals, Meetings, and More

There are very few hours in a week’s time when the building is not in use. A major initiative being discussed is the creation of a Great Hall, complete with state of the art kitchen and a building NAMING opportunity. The creation of this space will allow Skutt Catholic to prepare and serve healthy lunch options for students, faculty, and staff.

When lunch is not in session, the Great Hall could be sectioned off into smaller gathering spaces for meetings and/or dance, cheer, theatre, or music practice. The Great Hall could hold school receptions, the Homecoming dance, Angel Flight, wedding receptions, and outside community events. Upgraded tables and chairs could eliminate the need for costly rentals each year. Multi-purpose flooring could serve a variety of event needs, ultimately relieving the pressure we currently place on our gymnasiums’ floors when we hold events in both the main and auxiliary gyms.

Great Hall Wish List:

  • Room to hold 600 people
  • State of the art kitchen that can accommodate:
    • a school hot lunch program
    • catering needs for Angel Flight, Grand Hawks day, and other large events
    • storage of snack food and beverages for meetings
  • Tables and chairs sturdy enough for daily use by students yet nice enough to use for more sophisticated events
  • Outdoor patios
  • Removable dance floor
  • Storage rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Coat room
  • State of the art sound system
  • Screens
  • Bar areas with ice machines

Estimated Great Hall Costs: $6,000,000

Media Center +

Initiative: Media Center

In 2017 the Media Center will have the following updates:

  • Collaboration areas with functional tabletop workspace and desk seating
  • Presentation areas with comfortable couch seating
  • A coffee/kitchen area featuring breakfast items
  • A tech help desk for iPad and Laptop issues
  • New paint and new flooring
  • New stadium seating in the Senior Studies classroom

Estimated costs: $300,000


Performing Arts Center

Initiative: Performing Arts Center

Since the inception of the school, the Skutt Catholic community has dreamed of building a Performing Arts Center on our campus. Over the years plans have been developed, tweaked, fine tuned, and reworked.  The talent and resolve shown by our Skutt Catholic students was truly inspiring. A Skutt Catholic Performing Center remains at the forefront of our Advancement fundraising planning.

Estimated Performing Arts Center costs: $5,000,000

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