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Jill Graham Seberger became a SkyHawk in 2000, when the school was still fairly new. She was passionate about boosting school spirit. Jill initiated spirit signs, pep rallies, theme nights at games, and a senior lounge. She was honored with the SkyHawk Spirit Award at her own Baccalaureate, and went on to become a cheerleader at UNL.

Jill met her husband, Tim, in Lincoln. By 2015, they were living in Gretna with three sons. Following a career as a NICU nurse, she worked part-time as a lactation consultant at Nebraska Medicine. Jill loved encouraging new parents and using research to ease their fears. However, she was facing her own fears of not being a competent mother due to her struggle in keeping up with household tasks and engaging with her children.

At the suggestion of their priest, Jill attended a weekend retreat.  During the retreat, she wrote down her fears and handed them over to God, realizing his tremendous love for her family. She sought His guidance in both big and small decisions, from daily priorities to where to live and how to raise their children.

When the Sebergers moved to St. Wenceslaus, Jill felt called to bring the retreat program, now known as Welcome, to their new parish. The program was successful and changed many lives, while also providing a community for the Sebergers during a difficult time. In July 2022, their sixth son, Augustine, unexpectedly passed away at just 18 months old. Through years of listening to God’s voice, discerning His will for her, and recognizing the beauty of His plans, Jill had developed a strong faith. Combined with the support of her community, her faith would now carry her forward.

Jill is passionate about sharing her faith and encouraging others to experience the beauty of life through the lens of Catholicism. She is dedicated to helping people grow in their confidence in God and notice the beautiful ways He is working in their lives.  

Following the death of Augustine, Jill has shared her story through her website, on social media, and other speaking platforms. The most significant example of her faith comes from her everyday life, where she cares for her family and builds community in her church, neighborhood and beyond. 

Jill’s parents are Joe and Judy Graham. Her sister Melanie Graham Wood ‘02 and brother Dean Graham ‘05 are also Skutt Catholic alumni.

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