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SkyHawks Gone M.A.D. is an award given each month to a student who exemplifies, by their words and deeds, what it means to be a true SkyHawk. M.A.D. stands for our school motto “Make a Difference.” Students are nominated by faculty, other students, and the community. To read about award winners from previous years click on the link below. 

May 2016: Laura Speer +

“Laura Speer does not know a stranger. She is kind to everyone, and always willing to help. Laura has a very positive attitude. Even when she feels stressed, Laura is cheerful. Laura is very responsible, but also knows how to have fun! Laura is a good role model to younger students. Laura hopes to be a math teacher and she will make a wonderful teacher and make a difference in her future students’ lives!”
“Laura is one of the most genuine people I have ever met; if she says something you know she means it. Laura is a hard worker in the classroom, during basketball, and as a manager for volleyball. She gives everything she has to whatever she is doing. Laura is not afraid to show her faith to her friends, she has been active on service trips, and truly shows Christ’s love in her life.”
“Laura has been an outstanding Christian leader for our school. From Ministry Council, to basketball, and academic achievements, Laura has set an example for younger students to follow. She has also participated in service trips, pouring her heart and energy into maximizing her time serving. Laura is an upbeat, inspiring friend to everyone and does not allow herself to give into negativity. Laura is a joy to have as a student, her presence will be missed in our school next year.”

February 2016: Jonathon Vos +

“Jonathon is a quiet leader on the field, in classroom, and in the hallways. He has participated in service trips, SkyHawk screamers, and athletics. He is one of the kindest most genuine students we have in the school. He treats all students and teachers with respect. I have seen Jonathon reach out to students with patience and kindness who other students ignore. Jonathon never seeks recognition or praise, but quietly does the right thing.”
“Jonathon is a caring and happy student. He is a leader for his class and team. I am grateful for the joy Jonathon has brought to my class and the friendship he extends to his classmates.”
“Jonathon has been an influential leader on our service trips. He pours his heart into the children and the work we do with complete humility. Jonathon’s humility and leadership are an integral part of the soccer team, he leads through his hard work and dedication. Jonathon has earned the respect of his teammates, his coaches, and his teachers through his positive demeanor and caring personality. He volunteers in his parish, goes above and beyond with service, works tirelessly on the soccer field, and is a friend to each person he encounters. There is no doubt that Jonathon is a SkyHawk gone MAD.”

November 2015: Jack Hilgert +

“Jack is a genuine person. He’s respectful towards others and works well either in groups or alone. He’s also inquisitive, a characteristic that makes him eager to learn and want to participate, ask questions, etc. He definitely has a positive learning attitude!”
“Jack is an extremely dedicated and positive individual. He will put in any extra amount of time necessary to complete tasks both big and small, and doesn’t care about recognition for his work. He is a great example of a student with a servant leader attitude, and positively contributes to all classes and activities for which he is involved.”
“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jack since he was a freshman. He gravitated to the sciences and was a strong member of Science Olympiad his freshmen year and faithfully participated in Science Quiz Bowl. He loves life and is eager to do well in all that he does. He is well rounded and manages multiple hats due to the number of activities in which he is a member. He has empathy for those around him and works to make circumstances better for those suffering. Therefore, his deserves the honor of SkyHawks Gone M.A.D.”
“Jack is conscientious, passionate, intelligent, and caring. He gives fully of himself to everything that he does. He never settles for less than his best, from Band to Mock Trial, from Choir to Theater, and so much more. Jack is talented, mature, and committed. It can be difficult to balance a heavy activity load with a challenging course load, but Jack is able to it with enthusiasm and grace.”
“Jack is a dedicated, hard working student who is equally dedicated to his school work and volunteer work. Jack is helpful and inclusive in class.”


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