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SkyHawks Gone M.A.D. is an award given each month to a student who exemplifies, by their words and deeds, what it means to be a true SkyHawk. M.A.D. stands for our school motto “Make a Difference.” Students are nominated by faculty, other students, and the community. To read about award winners from previous years click on the link below. 

March 2015: Mary Ninneman +

“This month’s recipient of the Skyhawk Gone M.A.D. award is filled with grace and joy.  She radiates enthusiasm.  She lights up a room and encourages everyone around her to share the warmth, so generous and accepting of others, very genuine and hardworking.”

“This young lady is an outstanding student and great person to be around.  She is a great participant in class and always works to the best of her abilities!”

“She is a breath of fresh air in my class.  One of the best new students that I have had.  She wants to do well and therefore she does well.”

“She is bright, driven, compassionate, and talented! As her teacher this year she has really impressed me with her insights and her ambition. I couldn’t think of a better student for this award! Between her dedication to her school work, all of her many activities, and her kind heart – she is such a wonderful example of what it means to make a difference!”

February 2015: Sammi Turco +

“This month’s SkyHawks gone M.A.D. is a natural leader. She is a lovely young woman. She is always a positive influence on everyone around her. Very insightful student.”

“She is one of the best, indeed, a keeper. She is what I would call the ideal SkyHawk. Everything she does, she does with heart and compassion.”

“She is active in National Honor Society and helped organize the summer blood drive. She personally recruited 25 donors for this drive, which is a difficult task in the summer!”

“She is a hard worker; she stands up for what she believes in, and she has an ability to make everyone around her feel at ease. She is a great student and an even better human being! She lights up a room with her positive attitude and has a direct influence on those around her. She frequently goes out of her way to help others and truly cares about those she works with. She goes above and beyond what is asked of her!”

January 2015: Joe Devlin +

“This month’s SkyHawk’s gone M.A.D. is the most helpful young man that I know. He is eager
to help anyone in need. He is always prepared in class with meaningful comments, creating
strong leadership amongst his peers.”

“He is a young man of integrity in the classroom and on the playing field. He is disciplined, a
hard worker, and has a genuine spirit of caring and understanding of those around him. He
sees, not just the big picture, but the whole picture and strides to Make a Difference. He’s
intelligent with much academic potential that he taps regularly. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed
working with him and watching him become the man he is today.”

“He is mature, helpful, respectful, friendly, a positive role model, excellent student…the list
goes on. I think the best compliment I can give is that I hope my own son grows up to be like

“He is an example of a person that shows the ideal person. Ideal son. Ideal brother.”

December 2014: Abby Hoffman +

“She is a joy to have in class! Her smile, laugh, energy & creative spirit are contagious. She is kind, caring and positive.”

“She is a quiet leader – doing more for her peers in and out of the classroom by joining them in doing the right thing rather than telling them what to do. She makes a positive difference in all of the activities she is involved in and is willing to go way beyond her comfort zone do to so.”

“She is very involved in school activities. She is a key member of the dance team, the Vivace, and the speech team. She is one of those rare students who excels in everything that she sets her mind to. She is also smart, personable, makes healthy decisions and is a positive influence on her peers.”

“She brings a smile to my face everyday, and she shares a smile with everyone in the room. Her enthusiasm for life is infectious. She is a positive force in the classroom since she invigorates all of us.”

November 2014: Arlo Selix +

“This young man is the type of student in the classroom who makes the day better. He makes it a point to always have something to add to a discussion or help guide the class in conversation. He works well with others. He is a positive force when he gives of his time and makes a great effort to help.”

“He is a wonderful student, smart and caring. He takes his work in class seriously. He has shown himself to be a leader and is very respectful of adults. I have seen him many times stop and help someone struggling with a concept in class. He takes the time to help out younger students who he encounters in the halls.”

“He is mature beyond his years. He is one of the most self-responsible students I have worked with. He helped out with a school-wide project. He was involved, enthusiastic and an overall good role model. He is an impressive, articulate, and mature young man!”

October 2014: Bailey Pfiefer +

“This month’s recipient of the Skyhawks gone MAD is an excellent young woman.  She always strives to do her best, and she is a hard worker.  It is great to have her in class.”
“She is a pleasure to have in class. She is positive, hardworking, and a role model for younger students. She is a leader who does the right thing without hesitation. She makes everyone around her better.”
“She is always kind, prompt, and willing to do whatever is asked of her. She has been a dedicated volleyball player and has taken on the roll of team manager over the last two years. Her dedication to the team shows daily.  She possesses a wonderful  ATTITUDE.”


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