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SkyHawks Gone M.A.D. is an award given each month to a student who exemplifies, by their words and deeds, what it means to be a true SkyHawk. M.A.D. stands for our school motto “Make a Difference.” Students are nominated by faculty, other students, and the community. To read about award winners from previous years click on the link below. 

May 2014: Taylor Lofdahl +

“Taylor is an intelligent, driven, and compassionate young woman. She is a true joy to have as a student. She stands up for what she believes in, and she is always devoted to her studies. She is an amazing young woman, and she is going to go far once she leaves Skutt Catholic.”

“In one of her recent senior studies journals, she mentioned that her future goal was to be a teacher. Later that same week we had a group project and the group had to present the project results in front of the class. Taylor took the lead and was very impressive. I thought to myself that Taylor could teach senior studies right now. She is very mature & profession and has all the skills needed to be a teacher.”

“Taylor is joy to have in class. She has a very positive attitude and enjoys the learning process. She is very respectful of her classmates and teachers.”

“Taylor is my advisee and I find that she is a very positive person. She is also always willing to jump in and help, and is pretty organized. While she is quite involved in various activities here at school, she does not waste down time between activities. I often find her doing homework at her locker afterschool while waiting for something else. Also, she says that with siblings she doesn’t get the necessary quiet time at home, not complaining but with a positive spin.”

“Those who have had the opportunity to work with Taylor Lofdahl instantly recognize that special spark that makes her shine. Although she is one of the best speech competitors we’ve ever had in Skutt Catholic history, what makes her worthy of this award is her commitment to improving the world and making a difference. Through her continued selflessness and benevolence, Taylor has shown me that she doesn’t just volunteer her time, but she does so with full intentions to positively impact the people around her. I can honestly say that I have never heard a negative, destructive, or harmful comment come from Taylor’s mouth. It is these small acts of kindness that make Taylor so unique. Her presence alone offers the people around her with the most important gift of all: liberation and love.”

“Taylor deserves the SkyHawk Gone MAD award not just because of her credentials, but because of her heart and commitment to others.”

“It is easy to talk about Taylor. You, actually, talk to her as an adult. She is one of the most conscientious students that I have. She does a great job of balancing academics and activities. As far as her character is concerned, I have never heard her issue a disparaging remark about anyone. One of the politest and friendliest students I have. Indeed, an example of the perfect SkyHawk.”

“Taylor is one of the most polite, hard working young ladies I have taught the last three years. I have had her in one of my classes since her sophomore year and she always brings a positive attitude to class, a willingness to learn and work with her classmates, and manages–with all of her activities–to always stay current with our classroom work. She is a wonderful young lady.”

April 2014: Conrad Shiu +

“Conrad is a great example of a well rounded student athlete. He is extremely polite and genuine to all he meets. His positive attitude towards learning is refreshing. He is always prepared for class and gets work completed early. He is the type student that teachers trust and admire for his dedication to academics.”

“Conrad is exceptional in almost everything he does. You can truly see how much he cares not only about his work but also his peers and teachers. He comes in for help when needed and always strives to do the best in his coursework. He always helps others when needed and offers a helping hand even when he is not asked. He goes above and beyond in everything and would be a wonderful candidate for SkyHawks gone MAD.”

“He’s a tremendous kid and a valuable asset to any classroom – one of those character guys in a locker room that is going to improve everyone around him by his work ethic, character, and sterling personality.”

“He is a great student. He is very mature. If this is for SkyHawk Gone M.A.D., he is a perfect choice!”

“Conrad is a model student. He knows when to lead, but also allows others to take charge and is willing to work in a group setting in whatever capacity is required of him. He volunteers in class on a regular basis, and he even pulls his classmates into large group discussions on days when participation seems to be low. Conrad advocates for himself when material is difficult or something is unclear to him, and he is extremely attentive to directions.”

“Conrad is a wonderful student. He has a very positive attitude and enjoys the learning process. He makes numerous positive contributions to the learning environment and demonstrates a high level of respect for his teachers not usually seen in students his age.”

“Conrad is one of the most intellectually strong students I have had at Skutt Catholic. He is mannerable, pleasant, and I love it when I see him hold doors for people and use general manners all the time. He has great values and morals and is a genuine person.”

“Conrad is a dedicated student. He works hard to learn every detail in my subject. He is very respectful at all times. He always greets me and his fellow classmates with a smile. He goes out of his way to help other students who are struggling with any of the concepts. He is very dependable. Whenever he volunteers for my extracurricular activities he comes through on time and with high quality. He also does a lot of service work out at Hetra every year.”

March 2014: A.J. Olnes +

“A.J. is very respectful, courteous and joyful. In addition, he displayed a great amount of skill, motivation and creativity by not only applying and entering the UNL video contest, but also by winning it!”

”A.J. is a hard working, positive, helpful spirit in the classroom. He always has a smile, is willing to push himself to try challenging things, never allows himself to get down even when the work is difficult, and maintains a very upbeat attitude. He is wonderful to have in the classroom.”

”He is an example of the best in American youth. He brings to our institution his intelligence, determination, thoughtfulness, morals, and patriotism. What a great young man. Enough said.”

”A.J. is a very good student for me in Honors American Literature. All his classmates seem to really like him.”

”A.J. is a positive influence in class. He is mature and respectful to his peers and teachers. He is a role model that all of our students should strive to be like.”

”A.J. is a positive influence on the classroom. He comes to class early (it’s first period), has a smile on his face, and will say good morning almost every day. He is polite, courteous, and kind. He works hard and volunteers to answer questions frequently. He is a nice guy, a good friend, and a great student. I enjoy having A.J. in class.”

”A.J. is a very respectful young man and goes out of his way to make a difference on the Skutt Catholic Community. He volunteers for a variety of things and never backs down on his commitment. He is friendly, and diligent. He is a quiet leader that has a bigger impact on things than he probably realizes.”

January 2014: Alex Banker +

“Alex is a wonderful young lady… she is always smiling and pleasant, and willing to help with a project. She is quiet, but is very competitive athletically. She is a very good student. I’ve had her in homeroom since freshman year, and have enjoyed her immensely.”

”Alex Banker is an awesome student and person. She is in a class with many younger students and she is always setting a good example of work ethic and leadership. She regularly volunteers to lead class prayer. There are times when I know she must be exhausted from late basketball or volleyball games and travel, but it never shows in her work or her attitude. She is there 100% everyday.”

”Alex is one of the best all-around students that I have ever taught. She loves it when you go to her games and she thanks you. She is also a very good, polite, and respectful student.”

”Alex is a tremendous competitor and very hard working. She is willing to put in the time to make herself better at whatever it is that she is working on. She is satisfied with nothing but the best efforts out of herself and out of her teammates. She is very mature and strives to achieve nothing but excellence in all that she does.”

”Alex embodies humility. She quietly does the right thing all of the time. She does not seek the spotlight, but lets her actions speak for her. Those actions always center on hard work, commitment, and compassion and care for others.”

”I have not had the privilege to teach Alex until this past semester. What an amazing student, person, and athlete she is! She is well liked by her peers and all those she comes in contact with. She is a great example of what a SkyHawk truly is – gracious, understanding, helpful, and caring! With all of those amazing caring personalities she is also a true competitor and outstanding leader – on and off the court.”

”Alex embodies exactly what we would want all of our students to be. She is a SkyHawk in every way: faith, school, athletics, family, service. She is a leader who accepts responsibility and criticism, and embraces the opportunity to help others and lead them in the right direction. She always has a smile on her face and does her best in everything she sets out to do. As a captain of the volleyball team, she made those around her better. She set the standard high for the underclassmen to follow. She not only expected a lot of her teammates, but she expected a lot of herself. Without even knowing, she brought the team to a higher level because of her calm presence on the court. The younger players look up to her and she sets a great example of what it means to play for your school and bleed green and black. Side note: I wish every kid was like her!!! Our jobs would be so easy!”

”Alex is an wonderful student who works hard and always gives her all. She is responsible, kind, and considerate and she always has a smile on her face. I have taught her the last two years, and I have seen her grow into an amazing young woman who can accomplish anything she puts her mind to. I am truly honored to have the pleasure of teaching her.”

December 2013: Zach Dinslage +

“Zach is a great young man – he works hard in the classroom and doesn’t hesitate to come in after school to make sure he stays on top of his assignments in my class. He is kind to his peers and is just an all-around nice young man.”

“Zach is one that you can take home with you. Zach is in a class with mostly girls that like to tease him. He just smiles and goes on with what he is doing. Always polite and thoughtful to everyone in his class. He is very well liked.”

“Zach is a very polite and respectful young man. He always works hard, and he is a true joy to have in class.”

“Zach is one of the most well mannered, courteous, and respectful young men who I have had the privilege of working with. He is organized, efficient, inquisitive, and goal driven. He is a positive influence on his peers and is welcoming and friendly to everyone he meets. He takes challenging courses and excels. He is competitive in his extracurricular activities, but he is respectful of his opponents and carries himself with decorum. I can’t think of another young person who is a better example of what it means to be a Skyhawk. I know he will represent the SkyHawks Gone M.A.D. award with excellence.”

“Zach will show up to see what he can do to help without being asked. He is polite and respectful!”

“Zach Dinslage truly embodies the qualities of a SkyHawk Gone M.A.D. For the past three years, Mr. Dinslage has shown an
incredible dedication to the Skutt Catholic speech team. Although he has been very successful at the activity, this is not necessarily what makes Zachary worthy of this award. Rather, it is his exponential selflessness and dedication to the speech program as well as his teammates. With the risk of making myself sound like an awful coach, I must admit that Zach has spent countless hours upon hours organizing, preparing, and even running speech tournaments. And why does he do this when there is no direct benefit for him? Because he is kind, he is selfless, and he is a exceptional human being. Zach Disnlage is, hands down, a SkyHawk Gone M.A.D., because of his true, authentic goodness.”

“Zach is one of the nicest students I’ve ever met. He always says hello upon entering the room and is helpful to other students when they struggle in my class. No matter what is going on in the classroom Zach stays focused and keeps working. He is a joy to have in class.”

November 2013: Julia Faltin +

“Julia is quiet, yet one of the most kind individuals I know. She always has a generous smile and it is obvious to everyone around her that she cares about all. She models Christ daily. She is a top-notch student who regularly challenges herself to be her best. It’s been a pleasure to have her in class!”

”Julia is a quiet leader that puts others before herself. She is positive in her interactions with other students. She helps make those around her better. She is not flashy, and does not worry about winning awards. She does things to make a difference in the lives of others. She is also a wonderful role model for the younger students. She treats everyone as equal and does her best to make people feel welcome and a part of something special. As a captain of the volleyball team, she mentored the younger athletes, through her actions and words, on what it means to be a member of the SkyHawk volleyball program. She made a difference in matches, practice, and school on a daily basis.”

”Julia is a gentle soul. Julia meets each challenge and every person with a smile.”

”Julia works hard to understand the concepts taught in my class. She often seeks the help outside of class, which provides her with the insight to understand the harder problems. She has a marvelous attitude about learning.”

”Julia is one of the friendliest students that I have in class and a great student. She is a friend to all on the court and off the court. On a humorous note, she can be a bit distracted in the hallway – she almost accidentally knocked me down one day. The locker saved me.”

”Julia goes about her daily routine quiet and unnoticed. She is kind, considerate, and a positive role model to other students. She participated in the Rosebud Service Trip this summer and helped lead the volleyball team to a 4th place finish at state. She is a quiet leader. She leads by example. She makes those around her better! She truly is a SkyHawk gone M.A.D.!!!”

November 2013: Joe Zach +

“Joe Zach is a wonderful student. He always works hard, and he is a natural leader. He is always very respectful to everyone, teachers and peers. He is a joy to teach, and I am glad to have him as one of my students.”

”Joe is an outstanding young man. He works hard, leads by example, and is a positive voice both in the classroom and on the field. He in completely selfless and always puts the good of others before himself. He would be a great choice for SkyHawk Gone MAD award.”

”Joe is a very dedicated student and committed to making a difference in everything that he does here at Skutt Catholic. He is involved in a variety of activities from National Honor Society to Football to SkyHawk Screamers to SkyHawks for Life and Freshman Retreat to name a few. He takes on leadership roles whenever nominated or asked. He always makes an effort to help out even with tasks that aren’t always so fun. He is committed to making Skutt Catholic a better place and leads by example. He is a student that many others look up to and always appears to have a positive attitude.”

”Joe Zach is an exceptional student who would be an outstanding SkyHawk Gone Mad because of his leadership and service. This summer he coordinated the Red Cross summer blood drive at Skutt Catholic. He worked directly with our Red Cross representative and used all the resources provided. He recruited many of the donors, all the workers, and scheduled the drive. The drive was a success and we met the quota set by the Red Cross. This is the first summer drive where we met our quota-and Joe should get much of the credit for that. Joe is responsible and easy to work with. He was attentive to every detail and made the event a success.”

”Joe believes in the mission of Skutt Catholic and is an excellent example of how to make a difference.”

October 2013: Hannah Richstein +

“Hannah is an excellent student! She has a positive attitude towards school, her peers, and her teachers. She is a joy to have in class.”

”Hannah is an exemplary individual from the classroom, to extra-curricular activities, to Christian example. She is modest and quiet yet one of the most compassionate and helpful individuals I know. Her academic ability is of the top 1%. She has been a member of Science Olympiad since her freshman year and was an officer starting her sophomore year. She is trustworthy and always gets the job done. She brings out the best in everyone around her. I could go on but hopefully you get the picture. She’s an amazing individual!”

”I don’t know if there is enough time to say all of the positive things that I can about Hannah. She is an incredible, respectful, polite, empathetic young woman. Her dedication and fearlessness is unmatched in both the classroom and in her activities. She has a strong desire to learn, work hard, and earn all that she has achieved. In working with her for four years of theatre stage crew, she has never hesitated from tackling a challenge, climbing a ladder, using any power tool, or showing others how to work on stage. She cares about her fellow classmates and their well-being, and always puts others before herself. I often, and I mean often, have to remind her to take care of herself, that she could allow someone else to do something – she doesn’t have to do everything, or that it is time she go home and just relax. She is a wonderful person.”

”What sets Hannah apart is that she is always helping in the background. Always doing little things like helping clean up, helping others carry things, assisting with homework, etc. While she prefers to stay out of the spotlight she is one of the most active students we have at Skutt Catholic. She is always friendly and never complains. She seems to genuinely love others and expects nothing in return.”

”Hannah is very bright, and one of the smartest people in the room. And that’s just it – she is always in the room. She is very involved and yet does quality work with whatever she strives to accomplish. She may not be the loudest or the fastest, but she is always working behind the scenes, in front of the classroom, and with others in mind. She has a kind heart that she is willing to share, and she can laugh when needed to alleviate tension between friends. Hannah is very demanding of herself, but that is to be the best person she can be, and her example and quiet encouragement respects the personhood of those she meets, and in doing so calls all of us to make a difference.”

”Great student, caring, friendly, one of the best we have!”


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