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SkyHawks Gone M.A.D. is an award given each month to a student who exemplifies, by their words and deeds, what it means to be a true SkyHawk. M.A.D. stands for our school motto “Make a Difference.” Students are nominated by faculty, other students, and the community. To read about award winners from previous years click on the link below. 

April 2013: Anna White +

“Anna is hardworking, conscientious, responsible, and extremely considerate of others. I believe she has the trust both of her peers and the faculty and staff at Skutt Catholic. Often when a group of adults is discussing names of students who could assist with one important activity of another, Anna’s name is mentioned. As an administrator, I know I can rely on Anna to be a great representative of the school and student body. She possesses a level of maturity that students should strive to match.”

”Anna is a beautiful example of who we wish our seniors to be. She has grown tremendously over her four years at Skutt Catholic High School and has tapped into this growth to taking risks in leadership. Anna is courteous, gracious, intelligent, and well spoken. She exhibits a passion for her classmates, teachers, and the school. She will make a wonderful SkyHawk gone M.A.D.”

”Anna is a great person. She is very cooperative and organized. She sets high goals for herself and always does the best she can in each situation.”

”Anna is one of the best students that I have taught. She is also one of the most caring. She would almost do anything for her peers. There is always a cheerful smile.”

”Anna White is a very moral and good person. She is an excellent student and makes the right decision. She is strong in character and has a wonderful family life. I dearly love this girl. She has helped me out a lot with rides for my foreign student living with us and is so gracious to help – she also is quite spiritual and church is a definite part of her life and she attends church on a regular basis. Top notch person and I have no doubts she will be successful in college.”

”Anna is an ideal student and mature young woman. She always wears a smile and is there for friends. She regularly challenges herself academically while setting attainable goals. She’s a leader with devoted Catholic values. She roots for the underdog and takes initiative to correct social injustices. Her positive and friendly attitude is contagious to both peers and teachers. She’s a pleasure to have in class.”

”I have had Anna White for several classes and the best way I can describe is as a teacher’s dream. She is intelligent, responsible and cooperative. She goes out of her way to help others and is unfailingly polite and respectful. Perhaps the best thing about her is her positive attitude. She lights up the classroom with her smile on a daily basis and never complains. She truly cares about her classmates and tries to be appropriately helpful when they are having difficulty. She is a young woman of high character and deep faith and has earned the respect of her peers and the adults in the school. She truly makes a difference for many people in our school community.”

March 2013: Austin Evans +

“Austin has shown a growth of maturity this year, especially through his involvement in community
service. He has been volunteering his time to Habitat for Humanity along with other organizations. He
has volunteered about 70 hours of his service this year to Christ without any sign of stopping. I’ve been
very proud of him.”

”Austin was an original supporter of getting the Habitat for Humanity chapter started. He has been at
nearly every build day and is scheduled to be at future builds we have planned. His work ethic on the work
site is electric – he excites those around him to work harder. He also manages to have fun with what he is
doing, which breaks the ice for anyone who might feel uncomfortable. His service work does not end here;
Austin has gone above and beyond with his service hours since his freshman year, showing his dedication
to others and his kind attitude. He has led the baseball team in their donations to Children’s Hospital each

”Austin’s demeanor is very welcoming to all students and he is viewed as a leader in the senior class. He
is well respected by his peers and teachers.”

”Austin has a very bright and positive demeanor. He asks deep and thoughtful questions. I really like
having him as a student.”

”Austin has always demonstrated a level of maturity and self discipline that is not always evident in
others his age. He has a positive attitude, is humble, and has a welcoming nature. He can be relied on to
follow through when he is asked to do something and he is the first to volunteer when help is needed. He
is a wonderful role model for the young men in our building.”

February 2013: Kate Slump +

“Kat has been the student leader on a project in class – she has been outstanding! She is considerate of others while at the
same time pushing the group to be the best they can be. She is a wonderful student and she always goes above and beyond. I
can nothing of a better person for this award than Kat.”

”Kat is an amazing student for many reasons. She has a unique combination of creativity, organization, and professionalism,
plus the work ethic to make things happen. She stepped up at the beginning of the year and helped me learn some tricks on
the new MAC computers. This included making a slideshow with some simple but important steps for the class. Kat is very
willing to share her knowledge and skills with teachers and peers.”

”In her senior year, Kate is taking challenging classes, competing in golf and tennis, and is also involved in the innovation
challenge through UNO. If there is an opportunity to do something, Kate makes the most of it.”

”The project Kate and her team are working on the the innovation challenge is building an educational video game. Her ideas,
creativity, research, and the craftsmanship with which she is making the game is outstanding. Her goal is not to just win the
challenge, but to market the game after the competition is over.”

”Kat is taking the opportunities here to start building her career and herself into a business leader.”

”Kat Slump completes her work on time and is prepared for tests and quizzes. She is very pleasant and has a very positive
attitude in the classroom.”

”Kat is an outstanding young lady – I have had the pleasure of having her in class for several years. She is very smart, an
outstanding student who has one of the best work ethics I have seen, and she is a very caring young lady. She has organized
the AP Computer Science classes entry in the Innovation Cup and has worked tirelessly to make the project a success. Kat is
kind to her classmates, she cares for others’ feelings and she is always a pleasure to have in class.”

January 2013: John Martinez +

“John is kind-hearted and always positive. He goes out of his way to be inclusive in my classroom. When he falls short of an expectation, he owns his actions and tries harder the next time. It is truly refreshing to have a student be so responsible for their actions. He is a wonderful student to have in class.”

”John has taken a ”lead by example” role in many of his activities. He makes sure that everything gets done the
right way and that the group is ready for whatever comes their way. I have been impressed by his attitude and his
willingness to help out at the drop of a hat. I consistently see him helping other classmates by tutoring them, as well as helping make sure things are ready to go with performances of the play and musical.”

”John is one of the most upbeat students that I teach. He is always smiling or laughing. He has a willingness
to challenge himself with academics, activities, and service – taking positive risks to push himself. This includes participating in both athletic and non-athletic activities or taking a mix of honor and non-honors courses. He is very devoted to service as evidenced by his participation last summer on the service trip and his plan to participate this summer. He has a fantastic rapport with his friends and classmates, and is humble enough to admit to his own shortcomings, but willing to work to overcome them. I highly recommend him for the SkyHawks Gone M.A.D. recognition.”

”John is always up beat and keeps a positive attitude.”

”John volunteered to be the team manager for the cross country team, and he did an exceptional job in this
capacity. John’s ability to deal with the disappointment of not being able to compete and to then rise above the
adversity, speaks to his character and positive attitude. John found a way to help the team this season even
though he wasn’t able to compete on the cross country course.”

December 2012: Libby Kane +

“Libby has been a faithful and reliable member of the after school work study crew throughout her time at Skutt Catholic. She has been a team leader who could always be counted on to be on time, complete her tasks well, be respectful of others and courteous. Her leadership has been essential for the success of those crews. Libby is courteous, honest, hard working, and a wonderful example of what a Skutt Catholic educated woman should be.”

”Libby has taken leadership positions in NAHS for 2 years and is now president of our society. She is an excellent student and creates beautiful art work. She has a great work ethic and is always looking for ways to help out and do more. She has gone on service trips for her church the past two summers. She is a great choice for SkyHawks Gone M.A.D.”

”Libby is contentious in her class work and a wonderful young lady. It is a pleasure having her in class. Being a senior in an elective class filled with freshmen and sophomores, Libby will take the time to help the younger students with their projects. She is a genuinely nice person and it shows in everything she does. Libby is a fantastic representative of Skutt Catholic High School and would be a great choice for the next SkyHawk Gone MAD award!”

”Libby is in two of my classes. She does her best on each project and is talented in art. She has very high standards for her own behavior and what she expects from others. I know she is a good leader in band as well. Libby is a unique person and confident person. She is not afraid to go her own way and do something different from her peers. Her parents are awesome and involved in school doing things behind the scenes to help teachers. You can see that this is where Libby gets her ability to serve others generously and selflessly.”

November 2012: Ryan Bouda +

“Ryan displays his Catholic values in every setting and is not afraid to go against the popular trend to do what he knows he is right. He is a great example for the SC student body, and should be looked to as a role model for all young men attending Skutt Catholic.”

”Ryan joined the musical cast two weeks after rehearsal had started because we were short boys. Since then, he has become very active – always ready for rehearsal, positive, open to new adventures, and has put in extra time on weekends or before school to assist with the set. He is always at the edge of the stage – watching and contributing, even when he is not on stage. In class, he always has a smile, is incredibly positive, comes to class early and balances service, academics, athletics, and activities. He is such a positive, uplifting influence on faculty and students that I cannot say enough about him. I feel honored to be teaching and directing him this year.”

”Ryan is one of the best students that I have taught that not only does well academically and athletically but is also one of the most polite students that I have taught.”

”Ryan poured his heart into the service trip. He was determined to do the most work in the time we had, he worked tirelessly to make sure that not a minute was wasted. Many of the kids stopped for snacks and water, but not Ryan – I had to force him off of the ladder to get water or to take a break. During the kids club, Ryan’s infectious smile and positive attitude made him popular. The kids did not want to leave to go home because they were swarming Ryan – he made time to give every single kid a hug or a piggy back ride. The little things that Ryan does make a big difference in this school and in this world.”

October 2012: Libby Cronican +
“Libby is very polite and considerate of others. She has a very genuine, caring nature to her personality and always offers her help!”

“Libby is an amazing individual who is supportive of everyone and every activity at SCHS. She is an exemplary student and a role model for so many. She displays honesty and integrity in everything that she does, and by doing so has become a quiet leader of her class. I truly enjoy having worked with her for the past four years in both classes and extracurricular activities.”

“Fantastic amount of service hours–65 hours completed in the past summer!”

“Libby is a joy to have in class and to know! Libby supports, encourages and reaches out to everyone. She was the first in Theology class to reach out to and include our international student and continues to do so on a daily basis. Libby is kind, honest and truly enjoys helping others. She’s an excellent example of a Skyhawk Gone M.A.D .”

“I had Libby in class when she was a sophomore, and I now have her again as a senior. She is a perfect choice for SkyHawks Gone M.A.D.! She is not only a conscientious student who offers much depth in the classroom discussions, but she is also a caretaker and friend to her fellow classmates. I have witnessed her consistently guiding our foreign exchange students through the ins and outs of being Skutt Catholic students. She takes the time to make sure that THEY feel welcome and comfortable in their new, and I am sure, intimidating surroundings. She asks questions on their behalf and makes sure they are on top of what is going on in the classroom. She has an aura of inclusivity about her as she wants everyone to feel comfortable and a part of the group. We, the teachers, are blessed to have her as our student!”

“Regardless of her own schedule, Libby always volunteers to help others in need whether it be simple or big such as a fellow student struggling in class, a friend having a bad day, or holding a door open for a teacher. She always addresses everyone with a genuine smile that lights up her eyes. Her nurturing personality extends to the care she provides when interacting with the elderly or sick and when baby-sitting or just being around friends’ younger siblings. It’s easy to recognize Christ in Libby through her actions and words; therefore, we see her Making A Difference in all that she does.”

September 2012: Zach Pohlman +

“I cannot say enough about Zach. He has a positive attitude an outstanding work ethic, and a friendly demeanor. Zach excelled on our summer service trip and provided an excellent example of leadership not only to our group, but to the other groups we worked with. He is never shy about sharing his gifts and talents, and literally turned a rained out picnic into a fun sing-along for close to 70 high school students on the mission trip. That is Zach’s greatest attribute; his ability to bring joy to others. He is an outstanding example of who we want our students to be.”

“Zach is an upstanding young man. At the end of his freshman year, he was encouraged to try an activity that he had never participated in before during his sophomore year. He went on to become one of the great surprises of last year’s musical and now has one of the leading roles.”

“He is always positive, polite, hard-working, able to balance classroom, athletics, and activities, and more importantly is a terrific role model for his siblings.”

“Zach‘s personality, faith, and leadership make him an obvious choice for the SkyHawk gone MAD award. Zach exemplifies what Skutt Catholic promotes; he is involved in and is a leader in a variety of activities, but remains dedicated to his school work, family, and service. The smile that can be found on Zach’s face is contagious and anyone he comes into contact with is infected with his positive attitude. I am extremely proud of everything he has accomplished and look forward to all that he has yet to do.”


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