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SkyHawks Gone M.A.D. is an award given each month to a student who exemplifies, by their words and deeds, what it means to be a true SkyHawk. M.A.D. stands for our school motto “Make a Difference.” Students are nominated by faculty, other students, and the community. Click on the name of the student you wish to read about.

May 2012: Kacie Hughes +

“Kacie is full of passion for the world. She is other centered, and is interested in continuing that in her future career in International Studies. Kacie truly cares about others and want to do her very best to touch lives in “positive ways.”

“She is a joy to have in class, a leader, and works hard to maintain academic excellence.”

“Kacie is an excellent student, responsible and creative. She is always willing to help out!”

“Kacie has been an enthusiastic participant in many extracurricular activities at Skutt Catholic High School. As founder and president of the SkyHawk Screamers, Kacie has helped to raise school spirit to a new and impressive level. She has been instrumental in motivating her peers to attend athletic events and to unite in their enthusiastic support of their classmates. Kacie Hughes is an intelligent, talented, and mature young woman with a very bright future.”

May 2012: Ryan McKeever +

“What an excellent choice! Ryan is outstanding. He is an excellent writer, but he constantly works to improve. He reads everything I assign and asks in-depth questions about it. What I find most impressive is that he reads all the time, for enjoyment! Ryan McKeever is one of the best students I have ever had in 35 years of teaching.”

“Ryan has the unique ability to both talk to and relate to whoever he is with; whether that is adults, friends, classmates, or strangers at Community Involvement Day anywhere from young children to senior citizens. He is kind, genuine, and very interested in what others have to say, and how they feel- not just his friends. He also suggested and organized a service project to send care packages to troops in Afghanistan through Student Advisory Board.”

“Ryan has been an exemplary student. On his papers and student-led prayer he has gone over and above the standard requirements. He is very reverent, kind to all the students and well respected.”

“Ryan has been a breath of fresh air in Theology and Literature class, bringing enthusiasm, curiosity and a unique perspective to our study of literature. He is not satisfied with “easy” answers and is willing to work hard at his studies to “get it right.” On a personal level, he is an engaging young man who is liked and respected by his peers. He has been a great addition to my class.”

April 2012: Anna Elliott +

“Anna is an excellent student! Her work ethic in the classroom is outstanding- she gives 100% effort every day. She is also a leader- her peers look up to her. She is kind and courteous to her teachers as well as her peers. She cares about other and shows respect to all.”

“Anna is most definitely my favorite student. She’s a hard worker, she is the kindest person I have ever met and she does everything with enthusiasm. Any positive accolade that would normally be attached to a student can be said of Anna. She is absolutely wonderful.”

“Anna is a great kid who is dedicated to everything that she does. She is a great leader, and doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She is willing to do what is right rather than what is popular, and it takes a lot of maturity and integrity to be that type of person.”

“She is an excellent role model for both her peers and younger generations. She is energetic, outgoing and a fun person to be around. It is also great to have her sharing her talents in so many areas of the building, from athletics to theatre and show choir.”

“Anna is an amazing young woman. She is articulate, smart, courteous and always willing to help when called upon. She has been an active and influential member of Prevention Council throughout her time here at SC. She is goal oriented and meticulous in her school work. I can’t think of another young woman who is a better example to her peers!”

“Anna is an excellent student and delightful young woman. She is very engaged in her own learning and takes her responsibilities very seriously. Anna is tenacious in discovering truth and illumination.”

“She was amazing and is a great kid! Prompt and motivated. She takes pride in her work and is a total perfectionist!”

March 2012: Jared Vanlandingham +

“Jared is a dedicated and focused student. He is very honest and hardworking. He is always prepared for class and is always engaged in the learning process. Jared is well liked by his peers and is always willing to help anybody in need.”

“He consistently works hard rather than waste time on his word. In his conversations with his peers I have observed him to be an upstanding young man of high moral standards. He is well liked by his peers – I wish I had more students like Jared.”

“Jared collected 60 pairs of gloves and 60 hats for the Empty Tomb mission in about 4 weeks time.”

“Jared is a person who does not make excuses. He does what he says he is going to do and he models integrity.”

“Jared is a very good student and extremely cooperative.”

February 2012: Grace Bossert +

“As a member of the SC community, Grade has strived and succeeded in integrating the spiritual and academic values expected of our students. Grace is a joyful and positive young lady who always finds time to share her gifts and talents with the community. She has been very active in SC activities both athletic and academic. She is currently an officer in the ‘SkyHawks for Life’ group.”

“Grace is a pleasant student. She is responsible, mature and very respectful. She works hard in the classroom and always is in a positive mood!”

December 2011: Kate O'Brien +

“I have Kate in class, and I would wish for more just like her. She has that great smile that brightens my day when I am a bit down. She is always willing to help with any task as well as explain concepts to other students (when they need help). What doesn’t she do? She has worked on the stage crew for the past four years and has done an excellent job of organizing and working with other students on the many projects involved with the construction of the sets. She is one of those who willingly volunteers for any task, who shows up early, and who does not wait to be told what needs to be done. She is an example to the best American youth have to offer: intelligence, determination, thoughtfulness, and morality.”

“Kate is a wonderful student. She asks great questions and often volunteers to work problems on the board. I have not witnessed any flaws in her character. Kate is a terrific role model for all students here at SC.”

“Kate is an outstanding student. She is organized, competent, and a fantastic leader of her peers-both kids on stage crew and her classmates. I am amazed at her natural ability in leadership and her outstanding construction of sets.”

“Kate is a good student, enthusiastic, prepared, and friendly.”

“I do not have time to do justice to Kate. She is a special student that goes beyond what is expected.”

November 2011: Phillip Rasmussen +

“Phil is VERY well respected by his peers and he is definitely one of the leaders in my class. Phil is also on the Engineering Team that I coach. Even though he was pretty busy with football, he made time to attend most of the engineering team meetings because he knows that it will help him learn about what he wants to study in college. All in all, Phil is a very motivated student and a very high quality person.”

“I have nothing but positive impressions of Phil so far. Great classroom effort and results, does “the right thing,” and wears boots, to boot!”

“Phillip is very studious and does not cause any problems. He always has his work done on time and asks very pertinent questions. His is very respectful of others and staff. Overall, Phillip is a great kid and student.”

“Phil has a positive and mature attitude that is not negatively affected by those around him. During community involvement day, Phil took the initiative to interact with the special needs children and treated them as equals. Phil is not afraid to neither show his faith nor talk about it when reflecting. Phil is a great example of what it means to be a Skyhawk whether it’s on the field, in the classroom, or at a volunteer site.”

October 2011: Ceara Kirkpatrick +

“Ceara is a great example of the Skyhawk mission statement and motto. She has, on numerous occasions, shown great Christian leadership in both word and action. She has advocated peace, justice, and initiated a change of heart among her peers as a member of Skyhawks for Life.”

“Ceara is a very nice girl. She always has a smile on her face and is always trying to make everyone’s day. She is very dependable if I need a student to do something for me.”

“Ceara is a wonderful student. She is a hard worker and is always positive. Her confidence allows her to create an environment that is friendly and open for everyone. I really appreciate what she offers to my class.”

“I truly enjoy having Ceara in my class. She’s not only an excellent student, but a great person. She has a good attitude and great leadership abilities; she is truly a joy to see every day.”


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