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Skutt Catholic Says Farewell to Beloved Teacher Keith Engelkamp

After 31 years of inspiring teenage minds, Keith Engelkamp retired from Skutt Catholic today. During his tenure, Mr. Engelkamp taught countless students science courses, leaving a lasting impact on the Skutt Catholic community.


For the Engelkamp family, Skutt Catholic wasn’t just a school; it was an extension of their home. The school’s mission perfectly aligned with their family values of hard work, participation, and making a difference.

Keith’s dedication to Skutt Catholic, evident in his coaching and teaching, served as a powerful example for his children, Adam Engelkamp ‘02, Genevieve Engelkamp Micek ‘04 and Hannah Engelkamp Riesenberg ‘07. Seeing Keith give everything he had to coaching and teaching to make Skutt a better place taught the Engelkamp kids to apply the same work ethic to their careers and their families.  Each of their kids have received numerous recognitions for “going the extra mile” and making a difference, whether it’s to a coworker, a student or a patient.   These lessons will be passed down to their kids, too.  


Skutt Catholic provided the backdrop for countless cherished memories for the Engelkamps. In the early years, when Keith was at school during the summer, the building became a playground for his young children (ages 9, 6, and 3). One day, one of the administrators in the office could hear something on the roof, so he ran outside and looked up and saw the youngest Engelkamp, Hannah, looking over the side of the building.  She had gotten up there from the door in the utility room and the other kids couldn’t get it open.  Fortunately she was OK and now they can all laugh about it!  

Years later, Adam and his wife Miranda celebrated their wedding reception in centerfield of the Skutt Catholic baseball field, a beautiful August evening filled with over 500 guests and a celebratory conga line around the bases.

The Engelkamps also shared the joy of numerous sporting victories, none more special than the Class A baseball championship game played under the home field lights with a cheering crowd of over 800. The subsequent naming of the field after the Engelkamp family is an honor they deeply cherish.

A final cherished personal memory is when Hannah, pregnant with twins, did her gender reveal on the baseball field.  She played softball for Keith and so she pitched the ball for Keith to hit and it would explode with pink for a girl or blue for boy.  In both pitches the ball exploded BLUE! 


Reflecting on their time at Skutt Catholic, the Engelkamps find joy in seeing something grow or creating something that wasn’t there – being a part of the very beginning and looking back now on where the school is. They believe Skutt Catholic is really a place to make dreams come true.  Some of their friendships and their kids’ friends are still their closest friends today. Those relationships are priceless. 


Looking ahead to retirement, Keith plans to spend quality time with his ten grandchildren. He is planning sleepovers, campfires, fishing and poolside fun. He also plans to coach them in baseball and softball as they grow older. Keith and Grethcn also plan to take trips to Arizona to visit Keith’s brother and wife, along with exploring small Iowa towns.

Keith still plans to hang out at the SC baseball field as the president of SkyHawk Baseball and to substitute teach at school.  He really hopes to sleep in until 7 a.m. and no longer be the one turning on all the lights at Skutt Catholic while it’s still dark outside.

Keith says he is so proud of all his students and players he has had the privilege to know and coach.  He hopes they give back- whether it be in teaching or coaching their kids.  Once a SkyHawk – always a SkyHawk!

We love you, Mr. E!

  • by Laura Larson ’02, SC Director of Alumni Relations

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