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Partnership in Catholic Education

Full-Time Catholic Grade School Teacher/Administrator and Archdiocesan Employee Discount

A partnership can be defined as a mutually supportive relationship in which the partners commit themselves to specific goals and activities intended to benefit students, families and schools. Creating partnerships is beneficial to all parties by improving the educational experience for for all students, enhancing goodwill, and building an overall stronger community.

In Catholic education, we form partnerships between Catholic grade schools and Catholic high schools. Realizing that our Catholic partner schools are the lifeline between grade school and high school education, Skutt Catholic is offering tuition discounts to those full-time teachers, administrators and staff who teach in Catholic grade schools or those who are in full-time roles at the Archdiocesan offices.

Skutt Catholic and Catholic grade schools are core members of the community. We share a commitment to educational achievement for all students and to the preparedness of tomorrow’s leaders. We all strive to accomplish more with fewer resources. We share common values and have developed a mission or vision statement based on our values and goals. Though these vision statements vary from one school to the next, we all share in the commitment to form and educate young men and women to become Christian leaders who empower others, promote justice, and initiate change.

Full-Time Catholic Grade School Teacher/Administrator and Archdiocesan Employee Discount

If you are a full-time teacher or administrator at a Catholic grade school that is eligible for benefits, or a full-time employee in the offices of the Archdiocese of Omaha, that is eligible for benefits, your children qualify for a $1,000 tuition grant per student at Skutt Catholic High School.

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Blogpost by President Jeremy Moore.

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