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Introducing Elly Benin

It’s back to school for the SkyHawks this week. Returning students will be meeting our new faculty and our SkyHawk Spotlights will introduce our newest family members to the community. Today, we introduce Elly Benin.



Elly Benin is one of our new theology teachers at Skutt Catholic. She will be teaching Theology 10 and Theology 11.



Elly is from Lake Forest, Illinois and graduated from Oak Forest High School in 2004.

She has a B.A. in English education with a minor in history from Illinois State University. Elly also earned an M.A. in theology with a concentration in evangelization and catechesis from Augustine Institute.

Prior to joining Skutt Catholic, she taught at Pacelli Catholic Schools in Minnesota.



“I became a theology teacher because I had a lot of questions about life and the faith growing up.  As I got older the Lord put a lot of dynamic and intelligent priests in my path who helped me find answers to those questions and awakened a thirst in me for more of what the faith had to offer.”  

“As awesome as my students and colleagues were, I realized while teaching English that I enjoyed teaching Wednesday night faith formation classes more than my day job because I could help people find answers to those big questions just as others helped me.  So I switched when the opportunity presented itself and haven’t regretted it.”

I’m looking forward to getting to know the students and the Skutt Catholic family.  They’ve already been so amazing at being welcoming, and a big thank you to a few families who helped me unload the moving truck!”


Elly once went skydiving without a parachute, which she says was incredibly fun and she’s still alive.

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