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Hawktober: Uniquely Skutt Catholic, and a SkyHawk’s favorite month

If you are not associated with our school you probably wonder why we rename a month and why we celebrate it all month long. If you are a SkyHawk you know that October is actually Hawktober, a celebration of all things Skutt Catholic and the start of a new school year. It’s a showcase of many of the things that make our family special.

Hawktober was created in 2004 by Marie Williamson, Skutt Catholic’s admission director at the time.  She wanted to create a new tradition at Skutt Catholic, something that would become an iconic part of the school year and make us unique from other schools.

The Hawktober Shirts
All students, faculty and staff get a new Hawktober shirt each year — black for seniors, green for juniors, grey for sophomores and white for freshmen. Faculty and staff get to pick. The different colors represent the different stages of the SkyHawk journey and celebrate the role each grade level plays in the larger school community. These shirts are worn throughout the month on designated days as part of the celebration.

Community Involvement Day
A very important part of being a SkyHawk is the goal of living our mission to MAKE A DIFFERENCE on a daily basis. So, of course, the celebration of Hawktober kicks off with Community Involvement Day. On this day, our students, faculty, staff and parent volunteers flock to various non-profit organizations throughout the Omaha metro with their homerooms. Spending this day in service to others is a long-standing tradition of our school. Many students report that it is their favorite day of the year.

Mr. SkyHawk Pageant
The Mr. SkyHawk Pageant is a spin on the old “beauty pageant” idea. Junior and senior boys compete for the “Mr. Skyhawk” crown, in the following categories: formal wear, an interview (with beauty pageant questions), swimwear (very light-hearted, they wear shirts and usually lifejackets or water wings) and a talent competition. Judges include past contestants or alumni, current students, and teachers. The winner, runner-up and Mr. Congeniality recipient receive cash prizes.

Rendezvous is a Skutt Catholic Hawktober tradition in which juniors recreate the migration westward across the United States from 1820 to 1860 as part of their American Studies coursework. Students create a three-dimensional character who explains their journey westward, sharing the trials and tribulations of restarting life west of the Mississippi River. Our students look forward to their junior year for this opportunity and many of our alumni report that it is their favorite Skutt Catholic memory.

Homecoming Week is a special time when current SkyHawks celebrate the new school year. Alumni and their young families, alumni parents, and current staff unite for a BBQ (including bounce houses for the future SkyHawks) and the Homecoming game.

Showcase of the Arts, Fall Sports and Activities
Our students share their talents in our fall play and the Hawktober Concert. Fall sports are in full swing and the campus is alive with students working hard in the fall sports and activities.

All-School Mass
Celebrating all-school Mass and practicing our Catholic faith is also an important part of this month. Worshipping as a community is at the heart of everything we do at Skutt Catholic.

Angel Flight
Angel Flight is Skutt Catholic’s largest fundraiser of the year and an event that unites the entire community in support of our school. Parents, past parents, supporters, faculty, staff, and students pull together to make this event special. Funds raised support the infrastructure and continued growth of our school as well as the financial assistance fund that makes a Skutt Catholic education a reality for one in three students.

There is no doubt that Hawktober is considered by many to be an irreplaceable tradition at Skutt Catholic. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year – a celebration for current and past SkyHawks to celebrate and embrace all the wonderful things that make Skutt Catholic special.

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