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Filling the Bucket: Soaring takes hard work and dedication all year long!

Gold medals. Championship trophies. The NSAA cup*.  The Omaha World Herald All Sports Award**.


“The Bucket”
These are measurements of success indeed, but what should really be analyzed is how we arrived here — how the bucket was filled.  What bucket? The bucket of SkyHawk success that must continue to be filled with hard work, sacrifice, adversity, tears, set-backs and success stories.

Growth in the “Off Season”
One of my favorite times of the year is what some people call the “off season”. This period of time is when the bucket gets filled. This is a time of reflection, growth and discovery. A time of action. A time where new leaders are made and traditions are carried on. This doesn’t just happen in the weight room, the gym, or in training. It happens emotionally and spiritually, as our growth starts with strengthening our relationship with Jesus Christ, in the quiet of the summer months.

Student Involvement
A rewarding part of being a student at Skutt Catholic, is the ability to be involved in activities and athletics. Ninety-three percent of the students are involved in a sport or activity. That involvement fills the bucket with a variety of students — teammates and peers who want to see others succeed before themselves. They want to continue traditions, start new ones, and experience the joy and successes of others.

Adult Support
At Skutt Catholic, we have adults dedicated to supporting our young people. Teachers, sponsors, and coaches all carry the bucket, while encouraging students to dedicate themselves to hard work to reach their full potential and impact others.

SkyHawks Never Rest
Look inside any of the programs at Skutt Catholic. The time between the end of one season and the thought of the next happens in a blink of an eye. Over time, I have discovered why. It wasn’t because the adults and students didn’t want a break or some time away. It was because the next generation was eager to keep the bucket overflowing. They want to be the next great group or team, the next member of the Wall of Honor, and the next to SOAR higher than others, and be a legendary SkyHawk.

So as we are in the “dog days of summer” we celebrate the great accomplishments of the past and continue to work hard to keep the bucket full.

It’s never too late to get involved. No experience is necessary as others will help you in your journey. It’s the SkyHawk Way! Take a risk. Pick out something new, and the reward will be amazing.

As an adult at Skutt Catholic, I’m excited to hold the bucket. I know the next group of SkyHawks will keep it full, as they win the future with the past as their guide!


Blogpost by Jeremy J. Moore, president


* The NSAA cup recognizes the high school with the most successful interscholastic activities programs in the state.

**The Omaha World Herald All Sports Award recognize the high school with the most successful sports program in the state.

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