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Family Faith Spotlights

During this time of learning at home, the Campus Ministry staff of Skutt Catholic have heard some amazing stories of families leading their children in their faith development. We will be highlighting a family each week and sharing how they are praying together, why that’s important to their family, and if they have any suggestions of things to try or favorite Bible verses or saints to share.

As the Catechism of the Catholic Church states, “Parents are the principal and first educators for their children” (CCC 1653). It’s repeated in multiple ways that the Domestic Church is where students learn their values and form their faith. We hope these stories will be a source of inspiration and not an occasion for comparison, which is the thief of joy. Please reach out to if you have ideas from your own home to share with our community.


Week 1 (5/28) – Weberg family

Week 2 (6/4) – Ott family

Week 3 (6/11) – Orsi family 

Week 4 (6/18) – Wagner family

Week 5 (6/25) – Martin family

Week 6 (7/2) – Lierz family

Week 7 (7/9) – Kramer family

Week 8 (7/16) – Rockow family 

Week 9 (7/23) – Gregory family

Week 10 (7/30) – King family 

Week 11 (8/6) – Korensky family

Week 12 (8/13) – Venner Family

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