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We believe all families who desire a Catholic education for their child should have that opportunity. Our need-based Financial Aid / Work Study Program is available for those who qualify through an application process. Starting November 1, you can apply for financial aid through our website under the Admissions tab.

We use FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment to determine the financial needs of families. This system takes into account college expenses, other private school tuition, medical costs, general household expenses and other factors in determining the need for a family.

Applicants will apply online for a fee of $35 (only one fee per family including children at other schools). This is the same online assessment tool used by many of the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Omaha.

Your FACTS application will also be used to determine your family’s eligibility for Archdiocesan high school tuition assistance, so only one application is necessary. Students who qualify for financial aid will be placed in our work study program as part of the financial aid agreement.

During work study, students can perform a variety of duties, including outside maintenance, setting up for events, deeper cleanings during breaks, assisting teachers, etc. Work Study is scheduled around activities and athletics to allow your student to participate in those opportunities as well.

Financial Aid Awards will be first distributed to families who have followed the deadlines of the program. Any applications or verification documents submitted after the deadline will be considered for secondary rounds of aid but may not receive as much aid as a similar family who applied within the deadlines.

In the application process, you will be required to submit the following documents:

  • Tax returns, including tax schedules
  • Business tax returns if your family owns a business
  • IRS form W-2 for both you and your spouse
  • IRS form 4506-T: Request for transcript of tax return
  • Copies of supporting documentation for social security, welfare, child support, food stamps, workers compensation, and TANF

November 1: Financial aid applications available through the FACTS website

February 28: Preferential financial aid submission date

March 18: Tax returns & verification documents must be uploaded to the FACTS website


DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS on using the online application. Complete the ONLINE APPLICATION.


Business Office
402.333.0818 ext. 5117


Kristen Reeves
Guidance Office
402.333.0818 ext. 1128



Who can I talk to about financial aid and my family’s situation? +

Please reach out to Tim Bloomingdale, Director of Admissions to help answer questions about affordability. Tim can be reached at 402.934.9085 or at


Who can apply for financial aid at Skutt Catholic? +

Any student enrolled in or applying for admission to Skutt Catholic may apply for financial aid.


Does applying for financial aid impact admission to Skutt Catholic? +

No. A family’s financial circumstances have no effect on admission to our school.


My tax returns will not be complete prior to the deadline to turn in all documentation. Can I still apply for aid? +

Yes! Your full financial aid application, including tax returns, is required for Skutt Catholic to assess your application. Late applications will be accepted, with awards determined two to four weeks after the completed application along with all additional documentation is received. If applications and awards are not completed prior to the start of school, tuition will be assessed at the full tuition amount, with the potential for adjustment later.

Financial aid award decisions are made shortly after the March 18 deadline to submit the application and documentation to FACTS, and the funds in the financial aid pool do diminish. It is in your family’s best interest to have your full application submitted by the deadline.

If there are extenuating circumstances and your documents will not be ready on time, please contact Taryn Clatanoff, VP of Finance at


My family is large and I am concerned about paying for Catholic education. Does Skutt Catholic take into account large families? +

Yes. Skutt Catholic takes into account the number of children within a family and especially when multiple students are at Skutt Catholic at the same time. We also take into consideration the cost of Catholic education for your grade school students when determining financial aid.


My son or daughter is not an 8th grader, but I would like to start budgeting and saving for high school tuition costs. Does Skutt Catholic offer estimates for aid my family might qualify for when my student is ready to attend? +

Yes. Skutt Catholic can do an estimate for your family in these types of situations. Please contact Tim Bloomingdale to discuss an estimate to help budget for future tuition costs.


Is there a maximum income level that will disqualify me from receiving financial assistance? +

No. There is no clear-cut income limit. The financial aid process examines many variables, including income, to determine eligibility. Skutt Catholic is unable to fund financial aid for lifestyle choices but does strive to ensure that all families who desire a Catholic education for their children be allowed to do so.


Do I apply every year for financial aid? +

Yes. You will need to apply each year for financial aid. If your financial situation does not change much from year to year, and all deadlines are followed, you should be able to expect that your aid amount will also remain at a similar level.


Does the Archdiocese offer any additional financial aid? +

Yes. The Archdiocese offers aid to families that qualify. The Skutt Catholic team will submit all applications to the Archdiocese for your family if your family qualifies under their income requirements.


What about financial aid if I am separated or divorced? +

Custodial and non-custodial parents both must apply for financial aid. Applications should be completed separately.

The school considers the financial resources of all living parents and step-parents, and requires the cooperation of all parties before financial aid awards are determined. No financial information will be viewable to another parent online, nor will the school share any financial information submitted by another parent.

The school is not bound by any disclaimers of financial responsibility or legal arrangements that may bind either parent. Each case will be considered on a case by case basis.


Does tuition need to be paid all at once? +

No. Skutt Catholic offers many payment plan options including annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, biweekly and weekly. Skutt Catholic can also create a custom payment plan that works with your own family’s unique situation.


If our family situation changes in the middle of the year, can our tuition assistance change as well? +

Yes. Communication is the key throughout the entire year. Please contact the Vice President of Finance, Taryn Clatanoff to discuss any changes in your circumstances at


Does Skutt Catholic offer any “full ride” financial aid opportunities? +

No. Catholic education is a sacrifice and a choice that some families decide to make. Each family is expected to commit to a Skutt Catholic education by making some amount of financial investment in the school.


What other fees are not included in tuition that should be taken into consideration when budgeting for my student’s tuition? +

There is an annual non-refundable registration fee of $350 which is due at the time of registration. Each year, students are billed a $350 technology fee, which includes a school-issued iPad.

Books are purchased through our online vendor MBS directly. Families typically spend between $100-300 for books each academic year. MBS offers the benefit of a higher book buy-back rate for re-adopted editions purchased through the website. Electronic course fees are charged to family FACTS payment accounts after the drop-add period for classes is complete. Those fees range from $10 to $55 per class and not all classes incur these fees. Retreat fees are also added at that time and are $30 per student.

Uniforms are purchased separately through the school’s Hawk Nest Store.

If your family does not belong to an archdiocesan parish, there will also be a charge of $400 to your account for the parish assessment fee.